Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many riders in the group?
    We normally limit our tour groups to a maximum of 12 riders per group. 
  • Can I do my own thing?
    YES - We recognise that this is your holiday and not everyone wishes to follow the traditional tour format of "Follow the Leader" We provide a tour pack and GPS routing to  keep you on track and your own pace.
  • Do you keep all the riders together?
    For those riders who wish to stay in the group we use the well Established Drop off system. The system works very well with a group and is widely used with IAM groups. This way everyone rides at their own pace..have trust in the method, it works well.
  • I have never ridden abroad before, is this tour suitable?
    Yes. We ride at a sensible group pace and using the drop off system each rider can go at their comfortable speed. We are experienced riders and we make sure the group stays together (unless you want to go alone on any particular day, then this is fine)
  • What time do we meet on the first day?
    This depends on the time and method of crossing the channel,  We normally publish these times when you book
  • Can I meet you somewhere else?
    Certainly,  We will adjust the price of the tour to reflect the change in cost.
  • Is this tour suitable for pillions
    Most of our tours are perfect for pillions.  We  always stop mid morning for a coffee break, again at lunchtime and  again in the afternoon for refreshments. the are also many photo stops en-route
  • Does everyone stay in a group for the evening?
    We ensure everyone has the choice and flexibility to do as they please. If they want to spend the day riding on their own and following our route loaded on their sat nav they can There is no obligation to stay as a group in the evenings so if anyone wants to do their own thing they can
  • Is my money safe
    YES it is 100% Safe
    We adhere to the The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018(634)  which has replaced EU’s 2015 Package Travel Directive and  Package Travel Regulations (S.I. 1992/3288), which were derived from the 1990 Package Travel Directive (90/314/EEC)
    What this means to you is that all your payments will be kept in an independently controlled and insured trust account managed by the board of trustees  at a firm of chartered certified accountants and separate from us to ensure independence and security our customers.
    Any payments to us will not be made until satisfactory completion of the Tour. 


What is included and What is not


Channel Crossing by whatever means stated

Three and four star accommodation in terrific locations

Breakfast every day
Some evening meals (where stated)

Thoroughly planned routes to provide you with amazing roads to ride

Experienced tour guide to lead the tour

A back marker / sweep when required

Comprehensive tour itinerary

Free Guided Rides tee shirt

GPS routes for your sat nav

Back-up Vehicle (where stated)

Not Included

Accomodation before the motorcycle tour starts, or after it ends

Your Fuel 

Motorway and other road tolls

Other meals and drinks (not already stated)

Breakdown cover

Holiday insurance

Medical cover 

Repatriation cover

(compulsory get you and your bike back home in the event of you (or your bike) being unable to continue on the tour).