Our Guided Motorcycle Tours

Picos and Portugal

Picos de Europa and Portugal
Potes, Santiago de Compostela

Picos and Pyrenees

Pyrenees Motorcycle toar

Picos de Europa, Pamplona, Carcassonne, Sort, Gorges and the Pryenees

Napoleonic French Alps

Route Napoleon Motorcycle tour

Iconic Balcony roads, Gorges,  Canyons and Route Napoleon

Tour Alpine Passes

Over 20 passes on the tour, Challenging and Rewarding

B500, Mosel Valley, Vosges

7 days,  sweeping roads  B500, Vosges Mountains & Deutsches Eck

Chateau's and Wine Tour

Motorcycle Tour Chateau's of France

7 Days Scenic Tour. Pillion Friendly and 4* or 5*  (some spa) hotels all the way

WWII D-Day Landings Motorcycle Tour

WWII D-Day Landings Motorcycle Tour

JUNE 5th to JUNE 8th 2019
This is a four day  guided motorcycle tour to visit the beaches, Pegasus Bridge and important sites from the D-Day landings on 6 June 1944.  We will be at the beaches during the 75th anniversary year of the landings.

The D-Day landings began the liberation of German-occupied northwestern Europe from Nazi control, and laid the foundations of the Allied victory on the Western Front.

The British and Canadian forces landed at Gold, Juno and Sword beaches and we see all three of these as well as Pegasus Bridge and where the first wave of the attack took place after landing in gliders.

We visit the beaches along Normandy’s coast where the American landings took place at Juno Beach, where we see the bunkers and then onto Omaha Beach, known as Bloody Omaha. We visit the Normandy American Cemetery and we also go to St. Mère Eglise, where the ‘Band of Brothers’ fought.


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