Guide to the motorcycle "Drop off" system

At the front of every motorcycle group ride there is a Leader. He is permanently at the front of group and is normally identified by either a hi-viz vest or jacket.

At the rear of every ride there is a Back Marker and will also wear either a hi-viz vest or jacket and will travel at rear of group at all times

At no time should any rider be ahead of the Leader or drop behind the Back Marker.

Each time the ride reaches a junction or round-a-bout, the rider at No 2 position, behind the Leader, will stop and mark the junction for the rest of the group.When the Back Marker arrives, that rider will then re-join the group ahead of the Back Marker.

At the next junction or roundabout, the next rider in No. 2 position behind the Leader will drop off and mark that junction, rejoining the group in front of the Back Marker.

This procedure will be repeated at each new junction.  

OVERTAKING is permitted between the Back Marker and Leader if it is safe to do so

 When overtaking other vehicles, take care not to merely follow bike in front. If traffic conditions slow progress, do not worry as the drop-off system works and ensures that no-one is left behind.

This system is widely used by the I.A.M. and motorcycle groups and it works well

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