Terms and Conditions

Heres the small print

  • Deposit

A deposit of £300 per person should be submitted with your completed booking form. On receipt, a booking confirmation will be issued; confirming your place on the Motorcycle tour, and showing the date your balance becomes due. Tours booked within 40 days of departure for UK tours (60 days for European tours) will require payment in full at the time of booking.

  • Balance of Payment

Whenever possible communication will be carried out by email, we do not always send a final invoice, so please note that we request the balance of payment for your tour 40 days prior to departure for UK tours and 10 weeks prior to departure for European tours. Late payment may result in the loss of your deposit and cancellation of your tour.

  • Surcharges

Circumstances beyond our control may dictate an increase in the cost of your tour. Any increase less than 2% of the published price will be absorbed within the original price - any increase over 2% we may need to add to the final invoice.

  • If You Cancel

All cancellations must be in writing and the following terms apply:

  1. Loss of full deposit unless cancellation is on medical grounds, in which case we will require proof in the form of a note from your doctor.
  2. You may transfer your deposit to another tour within the tour season that you booked. In the event of you cancelling that tour, you will lose your deposit.
  3. You may transfer your booking to another person. However, you will be liable for any administration costs and will be responsible for your nominee paying their monies in full.
  4. After the date that the balance was due : no refund.
    We strongly recommend you take out Holiday Cancellation Insurance.

  • If We Cancel

We reserve the right to cancel any tour - however, this would only become necessary in exceptional circumstances. In such an event, we would hope to offer you an alternative. If this were not possible or acceptable, we would issue a full refund. Guided Rides Motorcycle Tours will not be held responsible or offer a refund/compensation in any of the following situations: war, riots, civil unrest, terrorism, natural disaster or any unforeseen cancellations due to industrial disputes and/or weather.

  • Tour Changes

Arrangements for your tour are made months in advance. It is therefore inevitable that changes can occur. In most cases, these changes will be minor and will not affect your holiday. However, in the event of a major change, we will advise you immediately and you may then (a) continue the tour with the new itinerary, (b) accept an alternative of the same or similar value, or (c) cancel your holiday with a full refund.

  • Financial Protection

We adhere to the The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018(634)  which has replaced EU’s 2015 Package Travel Directive and  Package Travel Regulations (S.I. 1992/3288), which were derived from the 1990 Package Travel Directive (90/314/EEC)
What this means to you is that all your payments will be kept in an independently controlled and insured trust account managed by the board of trustees  at a firm of chartered certified accountants and separate from us to ensure independence and security our customers.
Any payments to us will not be made until satisfactory completion of the Tour. 

  • Our Responsibilities

We accept responsibility for supplying as near as physically possible a tour package as described in our Tour Brochure. We are unable to control any deficiencies in services due to local conditions, maintenance, industrial dispute or weather.

  • Your Responsibilities

  1. To advise Guided Rides Motorcycle Tours of any illness, infirmity, allergies or dietary needs that may affect your touring holiday.
    For European tours, you will also be required to fill in a full Personal Details Form.
  2. Be a competent rider with a machine that is road legal, mechanically-sound and of a type suitable for touring.
  3. Hold a valid Certificate of Insurance covering machine, rider and pillion.
  4. Have the ability to get yourself and/or bike home in the event of a breakdown, accident or emergency.

  • For overseas tours to comply with our terms and conditions you must have the following documents:

  1. Valid UK passport (ensure visa not required if non-UK).
  2. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)   You can obtain an EHIC Card HERE
  3. European insurance cover for your bike - must include repatriation in the event of an accident or serious breakdown.
  4. Personal Travel Insurance for yourself and pillion (if appropriate). This must include medical cover including any possible repatriation in the event of serious illness or accident. We also recommend you include cancellation cover.

NB: Breakdown and Personal Insurance (g & h) are compulsory on our European tours and we will require evidence of policies before departure.

  • Complaints Procedure

In the event of a complaint, in the first instance, you should approach the tour representative. If you still consider that your complaint has not been properly addressed, you should put your comments in writing and send them to:

Guided Rides Motorcycle Tours
Sungates, Torr Lane
Plymouth Devon